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What Others Are Saying

Coper mobile

Cooper Watson is a selling principal who over the last couple of years led a team of 30 plus and written 2million plus in GCI along the way. Cooper says “I love the accountability of Jets coaching and having someone to talk through my life and business challenges with… it really helps. Jets coaching has helped me become a better leader and the importance of being a real human being not just somebody who focuses on the numbers”.

Lyndall Allan had her best year ever and says
“For me mindset coaching is more important than skillset coaching. I had never used a mindset coach before. It changed everything. It gave me focus like I never had before. My business was also able to grow quickly because Jet taught me to how to let go for greater leverage and success”.

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Greg Vincent has had many challenges over the last 10 years but remarkably in just a couple of years was able to write close to 2 million GCI. “Jet has helped me build confidence and self belief and helped me push through the roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes you cant see the picture when your in the frame so Jet so having somebody like Jet to bounce ideas off has been so helpful”.

David Gray is a successful business owner and entrepreneur. He owns 16 Elders offices on NSW north coast plus other major business interests. “Jet is raw and real. He has a great way of listening and helping you think differently about a problem or solution. Jet is Holistic High Performance coaching at its best”.

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Lucas Pratt is an elite agent having written upwards of 3 million dollars GCI in a year. He says “It is critical to have a mentor/coach. Jet has helped me clear a lot of emotional fog to perform at my best. He has helped me understand the mental game and how to use mental energy for better performance”.

“Jet, you were an absolute inspiration. You hit the mark and we can’t wait to work with you in helping our team become their best selves.”

Dean Mackie

DiJones Real Estate


“I would dare say that Jet has been one of the people that’s got me to stretch the most and obviously understand there are no boundaries in what we can do.”

David Highland

Director Highland Property REB Winner Principal of the Year - Metropolitan 2019


“With a team of 30 people it’s vital I get the right people involved in my business. Jet has helped me be a better leader and the team has become more confident and gotten better results having him involved.”

Ben Chick

Owner, Explore Property Mackay


“In my experience as Principal of a large network of McGrath offices I have had the pleasure of working with many speakers and trainers and Jet Xavier ranks among the very best. His story is inspirational and he resonates well with the audience. Jet is a great communicator, very believable and his energy gets you motivated, he gives the WOW factor to any event.”

Patrick McCarthy

McGrath Principal


“Having seen and heard many of the “Top Speakers” in this land, it’s been refreshing and exciting working with you. We love your story and the way you challenge people to shift their mindset. Since working with you, we have noticed a definite shift in attitude, improved communication streams and a real lift in commitment. We are all looking forward to our next session, Keep punching…!”

James Hatzimoisis

Director Barry Plant Taylors Lakes – Barry Plant Top Office for 2016


“Thank you for the inspiring session you did for the Marshall White Group recently. We left your session motivated, inspired, thinking differently and wanting more from you! Thanks again Jet.”

Marcus Chiminello

From Marshall White real estate Consistently rated amongst the top five real estate agents nationally.


“I find it rare these days that a speaker really re-energizes and connects with me. Jet speaks from the heart and most importantly – from experience. His own life journey has been filled with adversity and I admire his guts to adapt, overcome and prevail. If you have the opportunity I highly recommend you listen to Jet – it will remove excuses to be mediocre….”

Stephen Bock

61st Australian to climb Mount Everest


“Individually I have found Jet to be honest, direct, transparent and completely constructive with a no BS approach in helping you become your best version.”

Adam Flynn

Coronis State Director Victoria


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